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2013-03-29, 23:37

Födelsediagram o Horoskop

Jag lägger up 2 länkar och förklarar hur jag gjorde för att få fram vilka planeter o vilka hus dom låg i. Man kan på så sätt få fram ens egenskaper o svagheter o liknande som kan vara bra att veta 🙂

Gå in på denna sida.

Fyll i allt som ska fyllas i där.  Namn , födelse år, dag , tid

efter det när ni tryck på OK. Så kommer det upp solen , o planeter och i vilket hus dom är i.

Längst ner ser ni det som är vikitigast.

Jag  fick jag detta : 

SoleniMedium CoeliMåneniMedium CoeliMerkuriusiMedium CoeliVenusiXIMarsiVIJupiteriXISaturnusiVIUranusiVINeptunusiVIPlutoiVLilithiIIINorra nodeniMedium Coeli

Medium Coeli står för 10. Alltså hus 10. V står för hus 5 - xl står för 11 vl står för hus 6 osv

När jag ser på bilden och det står Solen Medium Coeli vet jag att jag har solen i hus 10

Då går jag in på denna sida och kollar vad det betyder:

Sun in 10th House

With the Sun in the Tenth House, much of your energy will be applied to vocational achievement, professional success, leadership, social power, and prestige. Public life is all important and the desire for social recognition and financial success is strong. You are likely to rise to a position of responsibility, power, and authority, but not without a lot of hard work and frustration on the way. You will meet with many challenges and difficult situations within your professional environment.

Moon in 10th House

With the Moon in the Tenth House your feeling, instinctive nature will find expression through a strong emotional commitment to public and professional life. Your day-to-day response to circumstance is strongly conditioned by a practical, unemotional and common-sense approach to events. General well-being is dependent, largely, on material success and financial security. 

Mercury in 10th House

Your mental and communicative abilities will largely be applied to professional worldly ambitions where knowledge and education are pursued in order to enhance career prospects or social standing. Your mental qualities are well-suited to managerial posts, government positions, politics and any work requiring communication skill and executive ability. With this placing of Mercury financial security, professional prestige and social status are the dominant mental issues. 

Venus in 11th House

With Venus in the Eleventh House the areas of life where you are most likely to express your social, romantic and artistic qualities are through forming harmonious, warm social friendships - probably related to group activities within a club, society or fraternity. You may meet your marriage partner through such group activities, consequently your interests will be shared. 

Mars in 6th House

With Mars in the Sixth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative through hard, energetic physical work or by representing other workers in a fight for improved conditions within the work environment. Your will to action is applied in putting your own house into order, health and work matters generally. 

Jupiter in 11th House

With Jupiter in the Eleventh House you will find luck, ease of working and general good fortune through generous friendships and social activities within groups or clubs. This position of Jupiter brings true, influential and fortunate friends, and associations with prominent persons - legislators, senators, judges, bankers, doctors, professors, etc. Development and gain can be expected through such acquaintances. Social success, popularity and honour can be expected. 

Saturn in 6th House

A Sixth House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to efficiency in your job or career. In order to succeed in your social position in the world you will have to gain knowledge and expertise associated with the correct attitude to work, employers, employees, and co-workers. Life-experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the development of a sound business sense and a well-structured, accurate, precise, practical and efficient way of working. Health and hygiene matters are stressed and are of great importance to your overall sense of general well-being. With this placing of Saturn, sickness, lost opportunities and disappointments are sometimes experienced through circumstances over which there is little or no control. Your profession could be in science, engineering or other fields requiring detailed skill and precision. 

Uranus in 6th House

With a Sixth House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through analytical, unusual and intellectually-stimulating work such as computer programming, electrical engineering or positions requiring originality and inventiveness. With this placing you are, in effect, serving the future-in-the-making. Expect many unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues. Health problems may relate to overwork, nervous strain, neurosis or peculiar mental disorders that are little understood and hard to treat. 

Neptune in 6th House

Neptune in the Sixth House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential will manifest through work, service and self-sacrifice - possibly in seclusion. Diet and health matters are stressed - neglect could lead to severe sickness that is difficult to diagnose and treat. You may become interested in spiritual healing, health foods and natural cures. On occasion, an impracticable and unrealistic approach to work may bring problems. 

Pluto in 5th House

With Pluto in the Fifth House opportunities for transforming or regenerating yourself may come through a compelling need for personal creative self-expression, or transforming love experiences. There is liking for art, culture, social life and the more unusual, esoteric amusements and entertainments. Sex matters are emphasised and it is probable that you are attracted to secret or unconventional relationships. Gambling and financial speculations are areas where much wealth may be made or lost depending on other factors in your chart. Your children are likely to be talented or unusual in some way. 

Part of Fortune in 3rd House (Är Lilith om jag inte har fel)

You will have the ability to meet the obstacles found within your immediate environment and deal effectively with them. Developing the ability to think clearly is what will bring your greatest fortune. 

North Node in 11th House

There is a need to develop a sense of social purpose through friendship, groups and clubs. Selfishness, vanity, self-pride, and sexual adventurism are to be slowly outgrown. A basically good person your interests should broaden to include more stimulating group concerns. Creative talents should be used for the benefit of others. There is a marked ability for dealing with children that should be developed. 

Jag hoppas detta hjälper er att se vad ni har 🙂 Är väldigt kul att se

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2013-03-30, 00:53


Part of Fortune eller Lyckopunkten ( ⨁ ) är nog inte Lilith ( ⚳ M ).

Det är en så kallad Arabic Part eller kanske Arabisk punkt på Svenska.

Den räknas i den moderna Astrologiska skolan ut på följande sätt:

Asc + ☽ - ☉

Alltså de absoluta gradtalen för Ascendenten + Månen - Solen.

Om man får ett gradtal över 360° så minskar man med 360°.

Får man ett negativt gradtal så lägger man till 360°.

Med de absoluta gradtalen så menar jag att man tittar på horoskopet som en enhets-cirkel som börjar med 0° ♈. 15° ♉ blir då 45° ( 30° + 15° ) eftersom varje tecken har 30° och ♉ är det andra tecknet.

De arabiska punkterna är väldigt många och kunskapen om dem uppstod för väldigt länge sedan. Även om mycket av den har moderniserats. ( Du kanske inte längre är speciellt intresserad av att veta hur många kor du kommer att ha vid en viss tidpunkt ). 🙂

Vi i västerlandet är ju mest intresserad av den punkt som markerar framgång på det materiella planet ( alltså Part of Fortune ). Men Part of Spirit, eller kanske Den Andliga punkten, är ibland också intressant. Den räknas ut på följande sätt: Asc + ☉ - ☽


2013-03-30, 01:02

#1 Härligt att du berätta det där =) Då var det att den inte bara fans med där jag kollade 🙂 Jag har säkert andra fel med, Men tog det som jag förstog det som, sedan få folk som vet mera rätta till 🙂

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2013-03-30, 02:41

En lång resa börjar där fötterna är. ( Tao Te Ching v.64 av Lao Tzu ). 😃


2013-03-30, 03:15

Då hade jag så här istället för det jag skrev om Fortune:

Part of Fortune in 1st House

Part of Fortune in the First House suggests that your greatest success will come by developing independence and self-sufficiency - meeting life experience with individual initiative and not being dependent on the views of others. 

Är hur intresant som helst, stämmer ju så bra också 🙂

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2013-03-30, 03:44

Detta förklarar lite varför man kan det man kan 🙂

Chiron in the 12th house is the last position. The 12th house is called the house of ends. The various areas of your life where there might be certain effects cannot be pinpointed as this stage is a little bit vague. This placement borders more on a feeling of universal consciousness. So, one might experience a number of spiritual or religious revelations in regards to their life. Some may feel more connection to the spiritual plane than the material plane. Some may get drawn to religious and spiritual images

Having Chiron in the 12th house will also give you certain psychic, empathic and healing abilities. Though you may feel like getting away from it all and from people, you should try to help them with the best of your ability because you have the necessary qualities to do so. These abilities which you have earned can help many people in improving various parts of their lives. Apart from being able to help others in their time of needs, you will also be able to improve yourself emotionally. In the end you will be able to ascend to a higher level of maturity.

At the same time, a person having Chiron in the 12th house may end up helping others more than themselves. These people often end up neglecting their own needs which has its own consequences. Therefore it is very important to reach a level of balance where you can serve others and yourself equally. People working in hospitals, prisons and other big institutions will be able to serve others in the best way possible.

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2013-03-30, 13:10

Tack Milky för bra länkar,den första fastnade jag mest för och får lov att säga det stämmer in riktigt bra.Inte ofta man stöter på det men här var det verkligen bra 🙂

2013-03-30, 13:15

Oj, detta börjar bli riktigt, intressant.


Jag ska leta mer info om de arabiska punkterna.

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2013-03-30, 14:57

#6 Ja det är roligt när man hittar bra sidor. 🙂 Ja första känns som den stämmer in väldigt bra fast nu vet man ju inte exakt vad som händer i framtiden men om man tänker på sina egna känslor o så. Det där med frustrationen o små detaljer där var rätt bra smådetaljer som känns rätt. 🙂

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2013-03-30, 15:29

#7 Finns det arabiska punkter med. 🙂

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2013-03-30, 20:49


Jag har lagt upp ett exempel på Arabiska Punkter i mitt fotoalbum. De kan hittas i avdelning "Intro". Det är den ( förmodligen ) högra kartan som är benämnd Arabiska Punkter eller Arabic Parts.

Det är bara ett litet ax-plock av alla de Arabiska Punkter som finns.

I den inre cirkeln syns de vanliga delarna i ett Horoskop. Det är i den yttre cirkeln du hittar de arabiska punkterna. Förklaringen till dem finns upp till höger.

Jag skrev ⨁ som symbol för lyckopunkten. Men det är förmodligen fel i min bok. ⨁ är en symbol för Moder Jord. Lyckopunktens symbol verkar att vara ⨂ .


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