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Mars 2009

PLANETARY MOVES for MARCH 2009 By Richard Giles
  Welcome to the month of March in the sign of the two Fishes, the gods of compassion and universal love. Look to the local Moon planting guide at the end here for planting schedules. Earth and Water Moon signs are better for plantings and the Fire signs are just not good at all. Check your own aspects here to see how you're going this month. 

We start with MERCURY Conjunct MARS on 2nd March at 20 degrees Aquarius. Speak quickly and to the point - this is the day to get your position over and stand up for an opinion. Watch your patience levels.
MERCURY Conjunct CHIRON: On 4th March at 23 degrees Aquarius. Make a point of looking at how your life ideals serve your purpose in life. Look at where and how you expend mental energies. 
  MERCURY Conjunct NEPTUNE: Occurs 5th March at 25 degrees Aquarius. Find a good understanding of yourself and your boundaries. There's confusion around. This is not a good time to publish ideas in writing. You'll be able to tap into your subconscious really well at this time but don't get lost in your own little world.**
MARS Conjunct CHIRON:** On 6th March at 23 degrees Aquarius. Today and this week is a good time to look at your physical capabilities. Are you getting enough exercise? Do you care about how you look at the environment? Are you taking care of yourself?
VENUS turns RETROGRADE: Exact on Saturday 7th March at 15 degrees Aries. This a big one - when Venus goes backwards its difficult for social connections and events to fall into place without problems. Your are also more likely now to give time to considerations with your loving connections and your creativity to others. You want something, but you're not sure what. It turns direct in mid April.
MERCURY into PISCES: Begins from 9th March at 5 am. As the planet of communications glides into the sign of higher truths, and also of confusion, make sure you have your ideals straight and you can say what you want without being too confusing. Inspiration is important.
SUN Opposite SATURN: Also on 9th March at 18 degrees Pisces/ Virgo.  This is one of those times when you have to sit still and allow things to work out slowly. Be patient and you'll have time to do things but you need to apply equanimity.

MARS Conjunct NEPTUNE: Also 9th March at 25 degrees Aquarius.  Watch out for accidents with water, boats, knives and anything to do with drugs or alcohol. Its caution time.
FULL MOON: Exact on Wednesday 11th March at 12.40pm at 21 Virgo. Full Moons are the time to unite with all across the planet and pull together your meditation for a world at peace. Moon in Virgo can bring up issues about health, your work and your life's dedication. You'll be assisted to get your life organised this month.
SUN Conjunct URANUS: On 13th March at 22 degrees Pisces. Expect the unexpected today - innovations and events to do with technology, computers, wizardry and great inventions. A good day to take a direction for yourself that's very different.
MARS Into PISCES: Begins from 15th March at 1 am. The planet of action and male energy goes into Pisces which is very female and very diffuse, so that male energy just can't find a target. A quiet and confusing time for some and a swimming time for others..
MERCURY Opposite SATURN: On 19th March at 18 degrees Pisces/Virgo. Communications could be blocked today. Serious talking will be a feature of the day, especially with people who are older or wiser than you. You could also find yourself a bit tongue-tied with thoughts or words.
SUN Into ARIES: From Friday 20th March at 9.45 pm. This is the Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere. Its the time when the change of seasons is marked by the passage of the Sun through the sky and the length of day and night hours are equally balanced. Celebrate today's sunrise or the Saturday morning one on important sites to you in your area with family and friends.
MERCURY Conjunct URANUS: On 22nd March at 23 Pisces. Communications get very intuitive when these two connect. They give you the potential for great breakthroughs in thoughts and ideas. Be radical and innovative in your mental approach - work outside the box.
SUN Square PLUTO: On 24th March at 3 degrees Aries/ Capricorn. Your issues about power or control could be prominent today. Be cautious with whom you negotiate and agree with and look for hidden agendas.
MERCURY Into ARIES: From 26th March at 6 am. The planet of communications moves into the Fire sign of action so there's going to be an increasing pace of mental processes and the speeding up of your ideas. Slow down enough to make it flow well.
NEW MOON: Exact on Friday 27th March at 2.07 am at 6 degrees Aries. New Moons are great occasions for making new beginnings. This one in Aries raises issues about leadership and taking direction. Make sure you pay plenty of attention to these issues.
MERCURY Square PLUTO: On 27th March at 3 degrees Aries/ Capricorn. With the communications planet in challenging aspect to the transformer Pluto, you can make some of your deeper aspects understood to yourself and others. Your tendency to make your points energetically will be very strong today. Its in the Full Moon energies in Aries.
SUN Conjunct VENUS: On 28th March at 7 degrees Aries. Harmony and good creative energies are the order of the day with Venus and that sunny energy together.
MERCURY Conjunct VENUS: On 29th March at 6 degrees Aries. Communications and the love planet come together in middle Aquarius and make for the right time to compose that great song of just tell someone in poetry and verse how much you appreciate them.
SUN Conjunct MERCURY: Occurs on 31st March at 10 and half degrees Aries. Your ability to meld willpower and mental focus are much better today.
MOON PLANTING GUIDE: There are some signs in the zodiac where new plantings go better than in other signs. The best are when the Moon is in an Earth sign or Water sign (except on Full or new Moon days). And avoid planting completely when the Moon is in a Fire sign. Best days in March are 1st at 2.30pm until 3rd at 7pm; 5th at 10pm until 7th at 12mdn; 10th at 2am until 12th at 5am; 14th at 11am until 16th at 8pm; 19th at 9am until 21st at 9pm; and 28th at 9pm until 30th at 12mdn. The Moon is in Fire signs on 1st until 2.30pm, 8th & 9th, 17th & 18th, and 27th & 28th.

Planetary Moves and Connections for March: Its the March Equinox time of the year again as the Sun moves in Aries, the zodiac new year. Time to begin a new cycle or working and aiming for your best new direction in life. We have a lot of planets in Aquarius and Pisces this month so the theme of humanity and compassion are there as a continuing undercurrent. Venus turns retrograde on the 6th for six weeks and social plans are thrown asunder plus your love for material goods is thrown into confusion.. The Full Moon of the 11th is both conjunct Uranus and opposite Saturn as it brings up more of the financial changes and moves for new social directions prominent in the last six months. The New Moon of the 27th in Aries affirms the new directions.

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